Just Planning - Textile machinery planning and scheduling

Just Planning - Textile machinery planning and scheduling
 Just Planning is a system allowing production orders to be planned and scheduled down to the individual machine.

  • Optimization of production orders according to the constraints of materials and/or machines
  • Prioritization of orders to meet requested delivery dates
  • Analysis of components and warehouses availability.
  • Planning activities are completed using a graphical interface
  • Alarms notify expired orders
  • Alarms notify for insufficient raw materials
  • Notification for idle machines
  • Off-line 'Simulation' Mode
  • Generates production documents
  • Extensive reporting (preview and print) for machines status, provisions, production orders, article situation, customer orders, article changes.
  • Production order creation linked with customer orders
  • Sample, WIP or finished goods warehouse management
  • Warehouse management using lot, batch, or quality with insert, delete, view, and print functions 
The JUST PLANNING solution could be expecially used for:
  • Loom planning and scheduling
  • Knitting planning and scheduling
  • Warp planning and scheduling
  • Finishing planning and scheduling

  • Client server System based on Microsoft technology
  • Flexible infrastructure defined through customer consultation
  • Graphical User Interface
  • Display real-time situation.
Manufacturing Planning and Scheduling Software
Flexible manufacturing philosophies
JUST Planning can create schedules that delay production based on customer orders for products that may degrade over time, for example. By contrast, schedules can be set up to load machine resources as soon as they are available to produce.
52+ week plan
With a full year plan, manufacturers see things long-term. Organizations can use the system to produce based on stock levels (make-to-stock), customer orders (make-to-order), demand forecasts (make-to-forecast), or a blended approach.
Interactive drag & drop Gantt charts
Visualize production with sandbox functionality that allows users to run multiple scenarios, giving planners and management more confidence in scheduling decisions before committing to the live production plan. Users visually move production orders onto different resources based on availability, machine capability, and other resource specs.
Large- and Small-scale plans
JUST Planning provides a Master production schedule as well as a Departmental production schedule. Different plans can be managed by a number of people with different access restrictions, or by one user.
Cost Assessment
JUST Planning uses a variety of metrics to determine the optimal production plan. They follow the following set of parameters when proposing a plan:
  • Costs derived from internal production departments (time set-up, resources saturation)
  • Costs derived from production alternatives (overtime, external production)
  • Costs derived from failing to meet demand (delivery, customers priority)
  • Costs derived from discontinuity of production (similarities between items, category aggregation)
Interface with contractors via the web
It is possible to access the production schedule and progress by installing the JUST Planning DPS. This empowers production managers to keep projects on track.
Key Features
  • Control and improvement of production processes
  • Reducing inefficiencies caused by manual systems
  • More precisely and on time delivery
  • More efficient management of all resources
  • "What If" scenarios and analysis support production decision-making