Just PLM - Product development

Just PLM - Product development
 Just PLM is a technical data management system housing finished good and component information.

 Just PLM collects and helps manage technical data, as well as assisting with product and collection creation using configurable workflows:
  • Facilitates cooperation with disconnected resources (people, product, R&D, purchasing,             production, sales)
  • Facilitates cooperation with suppliers and vendors
  • Facilitates cost calculation simulations.
  • Integration of any kind of data in a single database
  • Integration with management and production systems
  • Accessibility and interoperability via web
  • Total customization of report, system views, modules…
  • Multi-lingual at the individual fields level; multi-company.
  • Sample, WIP or finished goods warehouse management
  • Visibility of lot, batch, or quality with insert, delete, view, and print functions
The JUST PLM solution could be expecially used for:
  • Weawing products specs  
  • Machine parameters management
  • Apparel products specs
  • Collection management
  • Client server System based on Microsoft technology
  • Flexible infrastructure defined through customer consultation
  • Internet access 
  • Workflow Management 
  • Graphic User Interface
  • Centralization information
JUST PLM - Software Deep Dive
Product Lifecycle Managment Software for Manufacturing

Product Specifications
In the Product Specification module, a plethora of product data can be stored including Bill of Materials, Color ways definition, Manufacturing Cycles, Assembly Instructions and Costs Sheets. User access for different fields, layouts, and functions can be set up to only display the necessary information for various parties.

Product Look-up and Search
JUST PLM advanced grid search allows users to search by any of the various product attributes using a familiar spreadsheet-style menu.

JUST PLM - Software Functionality Guide
Graphic Bill of Materials
Bills of material can be easily created by choosing components in a look-up display. Functionality exists for specific customer requirements, labels, and packaging.

Production Stages/Routing
Templates for production stages can be defined in advance based on product sourcing options and product type. This function is flexible and can be edited for individual products.

Color Management
Color swatches can be visually defined, while garment color code and associated colors for the prototype can be selected by “point and click”. Costing: Multiple cost sheet variations can be created based on different costing scenarios. JUST PLM is also capable of managing and costing in different currencies.

Collection Manager
In the Collection Manager module the single steps, or phases, used to develop a collection are defined. For each phase, a resource is assigned and the duration in number of days to complete the phase is defined. Based on the total number of phases, the system can automatically calculate the Design Cycle, allowing the User to control and track the status of the product’s development.

Task Management
Users can check off tasks as they are completed based on items within a collection.

JUST PLM Technical Data
Security Management

Administers can define each user’s access to the software modules and to the individual functions in the application.

Open Database
JUST PLM integrates with a number of other software platforms, including ERP, Production, and Management Systems. It is able to integrate data from many disparate sources in a single database.

Web compliance and web operability
Internet enabled allowing the collaboration with remote users, facilitating information flow with remote offices and providing integration to monitor status. Multi-language to the level of each single field; multi-Company.
Key Features
  • Images management in various formats including fabrics, accessories, models 
  • Production instructions and comments about processing stage
  • Components management  (packaging, collars, pins, labels)
  • Open database that integrates with any ERP
  • Easily customizable by the end user