Also this year at Convergence
16 March 2015
Also this year at Convergence
Each year, Microsoft Convergence brings together Dynamics customers, users, partners, and industry leaders to network with others, see things for the first time, learn about the latest solutions, get answers to tough questions from Microsoft product experts, and find new ways to stay ahead of their competition. With a bevy of useful information and a steady dose of inspiration, this year was no different.
Microsoft Convergence 2015 kicked off with a visionary and exciting keynote speech as Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella hit attendees with a high level vision of Microsoft's place in the future business technology landscape. Stressing that Microsoft is in the empowerment business, Satya painted a picture where individuals and businesses are more productive, connected, and intelligent with the use of technology.
This keynote really stressed the vision of Microsoft in a mobile-first and cloud-first world. These advancements will allow people to be more productive, completing tasks faster and with more confidence. An interesting new software piece to come out on the first day was Delve, a communication/collaboration platform that functions like Facebook for the workplace. It’s similar to a news feed that displays what coworkers are working on and helps to connect individuals within an organization.
Attendees were provided with a clear vision of the width and breadth of the Microsoft Business Solutions offering, spanning every industry, every department, every individual, and every device within an organization. Up Solutions CEO Davide Giustina summed up the overall sentiment perfectly when he noted that “Microsoft is creating technology that goes beyond the boundaries of any particular industry and in doing so works for every industry. We as partners are provided with an incredible platform with which to build solutions that continue to compete and win customers in a highly competitive market.”